Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Think To Trip After Sick??

Extreme health issues or maybe personal injury can certainly spoil many weeks connected with setting up traveling although isn't going to necessarily indicate that you had to visit to this disaster. Here’s stay clear of some sort of medical stop by while having family vacation.

You could have ended up saving intended for many weeks in addition to attentively thought out some sort of retreat into a place of aspirations … till the sudden arises. Absolutely nothing is more painful compared to a quick health issues or maybe injury to spoil vacation thought out towards most compact aspect. Lots of years before, the 6 season older little princess grabbed some sort of taking walks pneumonia though most of us were being on vacation with Barbados. Most of us used 5 time within the disaster centre to await intended for the little princess getting rid of having vomiting need to be screened, the item travels this our blood testing in addition to radiographs.

Should the SER workers had taken health care connected with the little princess, When i came to the realization as a result of that practical knowledge of which paying the time in some sort of centre seemed to be one more matter I need to intended for his dad be. Areas ways to stay clear of a pointless trip to medical, because you try a good family vacation.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Treatment of arthritis of the joints


Arthritis of the joints  - a general medical term applied to inflammation of the joints, caused by various reasons.
Rheumatoid arthritis of the joints  - one of the most severe articular pathologies, manifested by inflammation of synovial joints with the gradual development of deformation and destruction. The deformation of the joints leads to disability. A person loses the ability to not only work but also to perform simple everyday actions to serve themselves. For rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by the beginning of a fairly young age -30-40 years. Women suffer a little bit more often than men. Clinic of Tibetan Medicine "EMCHI" gained positive experience in treating patients with this pathology.

The causes of arthritis of the joints

Arthritis can be caused by several groups of reasons: 1) Autoimmune and inherited. The mechanisms of pathological immune responses are a major cause of rheumatoid arthritis.Hereditary predisposition plays a major role in the occurrence of psoriatic arthritis. 2) Infection.Falling into the joint cavity bacteria leads to the development of inflammation. This is a systemic brucellosis, chlamydiosis, tuberculosis. 3) Exchange. Violation of physiological exchange of uric acid leads to the development of gouty arthritis. The development of rheumatoid arthritis, according to observations of Tibetan medicine, the most typical type of people "slime." Type the constitution "Wind" predisposes to reactive arthritis caused by infections, as well as psoriatic arthritis. People such as "Bile", according to oriental medicine, likely to develop gout. In appointing the treatment of arthritis of the joints in the clinic of oriental medicine "Emchi" must take into account the initial cause of the constitution and the type of person.

Arthritis of the joints symptoms

The main symptoms of arthritis - joint pain as associated with the movement and resulting in peace. The joint is swollen at the same time, the skin over it hot to the touch, red. For rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by a defeat at the same time several joints (polyarthritis), morning stiffness, does not pass within an hour, the symmetry of the lesions, presence of subcutaneous rheumatoid nodules, specific radiographic changes - bone erosion, osteoporosis bones. In severe arthritis with fever, weakness, chills.

Treatment of arthritis of the joints

It is known that treatment aimed at addressing the causes of disease, the most successful. Therefore, treatment of arthritis of the joints in Tibetan medicine by means of effective practices such as herbal medicine ,moksoterapiya , acupuncture , acupressure . Herbal medicine is assigned to combat inflammation in all varieties of arthritis. Eliminates swelling, reduced local and overall temperature. The
impact on biologically active points stimulates the natural defense mechanisms, normalizes metabolic processes. If there is a need, the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis joints by methods of Tibetan medicine can be combined with many schemes of treatment adopted in western medicine.

Methods of treatment

Methods of treatment

For thousands of years formed the system of Oriental medicine who has mastered a scientific knowledge of China, Tibet, India and adjacent lands. At the heart of this system is the requirement as early diagnosis of disease and, if possible - prevention of the disease by maintaining health throughout life. The doctor of Oriental medicine must have a whole set of knowledge to combat various diseases.
Tibetan medicine has a large medical complex physiotherapy techniques. This acupuncture, massage, heating, water treatment and many of the traditional methods. Their application allows you to successfully treat a variety of diseases and for many years to maintain health.
Proper nutrition, a sensible diet - one of the cornerstones of Oriental Medicine. A healthy lifestyle - a broad concept that includes many components, including diet, good sleep, a normal sexual life, etc. Implementation of physician recommendations in this area is the best prevention of various diseases.
Medicines used in oriental medicine, are always created on a natural basis. It is most often herbal extracts, although they can also be used by the secrets of animal origin and certain minerals.Medication in oriental medicine is closely related to the patient recommended diet. Many medicinal plants are included in the daily meal as a food or food additives, so that the line between medicine and food are often blurred. The union of these two methods maximizes natural treatment.
Staff in the center of Tibetan Medicine "Emchi 'use in the work required a comprehensive approach to treating patients. Doctors Hospital - a highly skilled experts in the field of acupuncture, fluent in its methods and correctly combine them together.
As a result, the treatment methods of Tibetan medicine is transformed in the process does not eliminate the individual symptoms, and a system recovery and strengthen the body's defenses. Its specialists have successfully treated their patients, using all major areas of reflexology.
• Auriculotherapy allows the doctor reflexively influence the internal organs through the active points of the ear. 
• Acupuncture, or treatment with needles, copes with diseases of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urogenital system and skin disorders. 
• Manual therapy restores free flow of energy through the meridians, removing blocks and clamps, resulting in a normalization of the function of affected organs. 
• Acupressure or finger on the point of impact - an excellent alternative to acupuncture, it is good practice for any pathology. 
• Moksoterapiya - Treatment by heat wormwood cigars , which is conducted by contact or contactless. 
• Stone Therapy involves the use of heated to a certain temperature, or, conversely, chilled stones, which, when overlaying on biologically active points massage them reflexively improving the functioning of internal organs. 
• Su-Jok therapy, or exposure to at special points of hands and feet, used alone or in combination with other methods. 
• Treatment methods of Tibetan medicine, and involves the application of leeches. Hirudotherapy eliminates congestion, improving blood flow and, hence, the metabolic processes in the problem domain. 
• Vacuum (cupping), massage also improves circulation, eliminates stagnant manifestations in tissues, normalizes metabolism.
Clinic of Tibetan Medicine "Emchi" uses all of these methods in various combinations, depending on the specific situation, and concurrently uses herbal medicine as an alternative to drugs.
This approach allows the physician to quickly achieve the desired result, and the patient felt a significant improvement after the first treatment sessions.